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Additive for detergents

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GNLD's Booster is perfect for all your cleaning needs; it works by breaking down stubborn dirt and grease like other substances fail to do. It is excellent as a laundry whitener, as a stain remover for linen, as an additive for rinsing machine washed dishes and as an additive for cleaning carpets. It is so versatile that it can also be used to add shine to appliances, tiles and plastic surfaces. With a couple of caps of Booster in the wiper water you can always keep the windshield clean.

Booster is a 100% organic additive, absolutely non-toxic nor irritating: it makes any detergent, even liquid, work better.

Eliminates the effects of hard water when added to cleaning products.

Laundry additive. It can be used as an additive together with your laundry detergent in case of particularly stubborn soiling.

Pre-stain remover. Excellent for use on the toughest laundry stains.

Safe. It can be used on all washable materials. Non-toxic, non-irritating and biodegradable.

v For laundry, add 15-20ml of Booster to the washing machine compartment to increase the effect of the detergent and combat the hardness of the water. For particularly dirty spots or spots dilute 1:10 in the sprayer and spray on the dirty areas.

For general house cleaning, add a spoonful to a bucket of water to enhance the effectiveness of other detergents. Booster is compatible with any other detergent, except the Disinfectant.

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