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Flavonoid Complex


Dietary Supplement Vitamin C with flavonoids natural

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Flavonoid Complex is a broad spectrum, WATER-SOLUBLE antioxidant complex derived from whole food sources of flavonoid-rich fruit and vegetables. Other compounds commonly found with flavonoids such as vitamin C and ellagic acid, both of which work to increase the overall activity of flavonoids, have been included in the formulation. (Note: Flavonoids complement the OIL-SOLUBLE antioxidants naturally occurring in red, yellow and orange fruit and vegetables provided by GNLD''s Carotenoid Complex.) 

Broad spectrum, representing all flavonoid classes: flavones, flavanols, flavanones, anthocyanins and catechins.
Exclusive blend of whole food extracts and concentrates derived from whole cranberries, kale, green tea (without caffeine), beets, berries, red and black grapes, oranges, lemons and grapefruits.
Added benefit of ellagic acid, closely related to flavonoids (found in strawberries and cranberries for example), which has been associated with reduced risk of some aggressive threats to our well-being.
Convenient serving, each tablet provides the full water soluble antioxidant profile of an optimal serving of flavonoid-rich fruits and vegetables.

Research suggests that diets with high levels of flavonoids, one of the natural sources of the brighter colours in many fruits and vegetables, may offer several benefits for optimal well-being; they may also be immuno-supporting. Antioxidant flavonoids work with vitamin C to provide increased protection from oxidative damage for the water-based portion of the cell. Although a few bioflavonoids have become relatively well-known, there are over 4000 unique flavonoids and it appears they may be most effective when several types are consumed together. It seems that only a minority of people eat an adequate amount of the fruits and vegetables in their daily diet that would provide the flavonoids they need.

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60 tablets
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