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Integratore alimentare di proteine e di calcio

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Nutrishake offers good natural nutrition for every serving. Formulated to support optimal cellular nutrition, Nutrishake provides the right proportion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, along with the 22 amino acids involved in human nutrition.

Proteins. It helps you get the recommended daily amount of protein.
Naturally sweetened. Sweetened with fructose.
Contains an effective combination of proteins.
It tastes good. An excellent food supplement that will be loved by the whole family.
Four delicious flavors. Strawberry, chocolate and vanilla.
Practical and light. Just mix it with milk or fruit juice.

Typical nutritional values for 1 sachet of 20 g ready to use (mixed with 200 ml of semi-skimmed milk)
Energy value 708 kJ (169 kcal)
Proteins 17,8 g
Carbohydrates 16 g
Fat 3,6 g
Calcium 400 mg (50*)
* % Recommended daily needs

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20 powder bags (20g each) / Total net weight 400g
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